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Bouthray Bridge Flexi Arch- 07 October 2011

Tuesday 2nd May 2000

Macrete Ireland Ltd supplied a Flexi Arch bridge system for installation at Bouthray Bridge, just off the A5084 between Water Yeat and Nibthwaite, Cumbria. The Bridge was severely damaged by the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in England during the devastating floods of November 2009. The oldest part of the Bridge was washed away during the floods and it was decided that the bridge should be repaired using the Flexiarch System.

The bridge details are as follows:

Main Span = 6.565m
Flood Span = 3.72m
Main Span Rise = 1.765m
Flood Span Rise = 1.28m
Width = 2.10m
Contractor: I T Shaw and Sons
Client: Cumbria County Council