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Boston Barrier wins ICE Sustainability Award

Thursday 8th October 2020

Macrete Ireland Ltd manufactured and supplied 24nr precast concrete arch shaped units to form the bed of the flood design system.

BAM Nuttall press release:

The Boston tidal barrier is a £100million scheme and will provide improved flood protection to over 14,000 homes and businesses, protecting against tidal surges such as the 2013 event which flooded over 820 homes and businesses.

The project includes a 28-metre wide rising sector gate across the section of the River Witham (known as the Haven), to the south of central Boston, between Black Sluice and the Grade II listed Maud Foster Sluice. The scheme also includes flood defence walls on both banks and replacement gates across the entrance to the existing Port of Boston dock.

ICE praised the project team, comprising The Environment Agency, Mott McDonald and BAM Nuttall, for its creative design capable of meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Steve Lowder, BMMJV Project Manager said: “This medal rewards creative design and sustainability. Our design takes into consideration 100 years of potential change in the Boston area. It meets today’s needs while also taking into account UN sustainable engineering objectives and projections for the impact of climate change.

“The Boston Barrier is the culmination of more than three years of work to date for the JV and seven for the EA, and provides the region with the highest level of flood protection outside of London. It’s fantastic that the whole project team can be recognised in this way for their commitment, their passion and their consideration for the needs of the local community.”

Work on the project continues, with over 13,000 properties due to become protected by the scheme by December 2020. Work will continue until April 2022 when the scheme will connect into the downstream Haven Banks works.