Bill Cooney

H&S Lead - Lendlease - Elephant Park Scheme

Tuesday 15th May 2018

I just want to thank you for the visit to Belfast on Wednesday. I thought the visit was extremely fruitful.

Whilst I will allow Bimal to complete a formal report I did want to share my observations with you;

  • Culture – I was very impressed with the reception we received. It is clear that Macrete are a tight team, the sort of ‘oneness’ which you only really get with family firms. The operatives we spoke to were clearly fully engaged and genuinely cared about the job and that was reflected in the product. I was particularly impressed with the obvious desire to understand the client needs and seek continued improvement.
  • Quality – what we saw at the works is what we have seen on site i.e. quality is to a high standard and consistent. Macrete recognised the value of observations that Bimal was making and even implemented some improvements whilst we were there. This sort of ‘can-do’ attitude seems to be totally compatible with your own.